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Edith Malave

Your Licensed Massage Therapist & Esthetician

Originally from Cali, Colombia. she came to the United States in the 1990s and started working in San Diego California as a Rehabilitation Nursing Assistant at Rancho Bernardo. She worked with both physical and occupational therapists, which gave her the knowledge and experience to treat patients according to their needs. This experience helped her to realize that massage therapy is a great contributor to the rehabilitation of a patient. Therefore, she decided to become a massage therapist to offer her services to people that need pain relief and people that just simply want to relax. She is not only a licensed message therapist, she is also a licensed facial specialist with over 18 years of experience. She takes pride in her work and loves helping people relax, making them pain free, and helping them discover their natural beauty.

The Spa

Soothe your mind, treat your body, and rejuvenate your soul at Restoration Spa 360. A trip to our Hunters Creek Spa has the power to ease stress, relieve tension, improve your immune system, and lower your blood pressure. Restoration Spa 360 is like no other, offering services tailored to your needs including therapeutic massages, luxurious facials, and waxing services.

Here at Restoration Spa 360 every session is customized to meet your individual needs. Whether you need a Body Contour, Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Lymphatic Massage, Post-Surgical Massage or Therapeutic Treatment you've come to the right place. A place that can help you to alleviate chronic pain from injury or to simply escape your everyday routine while immersing yourself in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. At Restoration Spa 360 you will find relief and relaxation. 

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